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6 Things to Look for in a Macrame Hanging Chair

Macramé hanging chairs come in several different styles which can you give you not only relaxation but be a stylish accent to your home decor.  What each of these styles of hammock chairs has in common though is that they can be hung from a single point. Securing them to a ceiling beam or a stand by one hook makes them extremely easy to install. They are made from various materials from cotton, nylon, rayon, and blends. The colors also vary from white to black, some are even multiple colors. The shapes vary from simple disc, to egg pods, to...

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Find a Macrame Hammock Pattern For Your Chair

Many of you may not know exactly what Macramé is, so for those of you who do not we will not go into great detail on learning how but it is basically a form of crochet and knot tying mixed together with rope instead of yarn. If you know how you can make some very beautiful designs for all kinds of things such as a Macramé plant hanger or a Macramé hammock chair.   Buying a Macramé Hammock For those who do not know how to do Macramé or have the time to do it themselves, you can purchase a Macramé...

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How to Hang a Hammock Indoors

Ever wish your hammock or hammock chair was hanging inside?  Well you can hang your hammock chair inside in a few easy steps. Then in the spring you can hang it back outside for the warm weather use. What You Will Need To Hang Your Hammock Indoors You will need some hardware, there are kits you can order that has all the hardware in or you can go to your local hardware store. If you go to your local hardware store and you’re not sure what you need speak to the associate at the store tell them what you are...

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A Crochet Hammock Chair - Making vs. Buying

If you are considering a crochet hammock chair, be sure to read this before buying.  A crochet hammock chair can add style and charm to any room or even a patio or balcony as well as place to relax and extra seat when you have friends over. Buying Versus Making a Crochet Hammock Chair There at many different styles of crochet hammock chairs that can be purchased some are fairly reasonable in price, others cost more but all of them can add style and relaxation to any space. Making your own can save you some money however it can also...

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Which Style of Macrame Hammock Swing is Right for You?

There are two basic styles of hammock swings and which one is the right choice for you depend on what you want to do, weight capacity and number of people you want the hammock to hold. The two styles are the traditional lay in the hammock to laze and relax while enjoying nature, the other is the hammock swing chair. Traditional Macramé Hammock Style The traditional macramé hammock style is for laying down and relaxing outside, but they can also be hung indoors as well to provide relaxation and an extra bed when needed. We can spend hours of stress...

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