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Indoor Hanging Hammock Chairs

When you buy a soon-to-be-famous indoor hammock chair from Mission Hammocks, you're not just helping 30 workers with disabilities in Nicarauga, you're also getting one of the best quality hanging hammock chairs on the market today.  Over 10% of the people in Nicaragua have some sort of disability, and it can be very difficult for them to find work.  We employ teens and young adults from the ages of 16-20.  These wonderful people are disabled or disadvantaged in some way, and we take them in, teach them valuable life skills, and pay them a fair wage.  It takes 8-10 hours for them to make a hammock chair from scratch, and we use only the finest natural cotton from El Salvador.  When you buy a hanging hammock chair from us, you're not just getting a work of art to hang in your home, you're helping these kids get on the right path.  Check out our selection and learn more below!

Why an indoor hammock chair from Mission Hammocks?

We started Mission Hammocks over 5 years ago with the intention of making the best hammocks and indoor hammock chairs available, and over the years we've created ridiculously comfortable, exceptionally durable and absolutely beautiful single swings and chairs for you! If you're looking for the finest rope, wood or fabric hammock swing, for use indoors or outdoors, Mission Hammocks has the perfect solution for you at the best price! If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot us an email and speak with one of the members of our team to help you choose the ideal hammock swing.

We have lots of hanging hammock chair styles that are made with local Nicaraguan hardwoods.  One of the most popular uses is to turn it into an outdoor chair, and hang it from a tree or a porch.  Another is to use it as an indoor hammock swing, and it makes a great accent to any bedroom or living room.  The best part is that when the chair is not in use, you can simply unhook it from the mount, roll it up, and store it away.  Our indoor hammock chairs are 100% handmade by one of our workers, and come in a variety of colors and styles.  We use Manila organic cotton that is some of the finest and softest available in the world.  Our designs consist of a macrame hammock chair, one that has stripes, and a solid color more modern hammock swing.  Our macrame chair is the most popular, and ships from the US to US customers, so you'll be lounging in no time!  If you can't find anything you like, shoot us a message!  

Why a Hammock Chair From Mission Hammocks?


Our Hammock Chair Styles

 We have three primary styles of chairs.  Our 30 workers are highly trained to make some of the best hammock chairs in the world, and our three primary styles are perfect for any room!

Solid Color Outdoor Hammock Chair

Our solid color hammock chair is one of our best selling categories.  These chairs look great in a more modern or contemporary style room or home, and are a great addition to any bedroom or living room.  If having a hammock chair indoors isn't really your thing, they also work great outdoors as well.  The bar at the top is made from a local Nicaraguan hardwood, and the rest of the hammock is organic Manila cotton.  The chair hangs from a single point, and most hardware stores carry the hanging hardware necessary to hang the chair from any porch or ceiling.  Just make sure you hang it from a beam!

solid color hammock chair

We have a lot of different colors of yarn, so we can make something that complements any color scheme in your room.  Once you select your color, the indoor hammock chair is diligently handwoven by one of our employees.  A single chair can hold around 350 pounds, so the size fits most.  The hammock swing is lightweight and easy to move in and out depending on where you need some extra under 6 pounds it's a great way to have some temporary seating that you can move inside or outside!

Striped Indoor Hammock Chair

Our striped hammock chair adds a dash of color into any bedroom, office, living room, and porch.  These chairs are handwoven utilizing several different colors by one of our employees.  The bar on the top is also made with a local sustainable Nicaraguan hardwood, and all of the cotton is of a high quality. It also hangs from a single point, and the hammock swing is easy to move between rooms.

striped hammock chair

The we have a lot of different color combinations on our hanging hammock chairs.  Our most popular color is our light brown and green combination, and also our pink and purple combination.  Any of our striped hammock swings are the same size as the solid color chairs, so it holds 350 pounds as well.  If you don't see a color combination you like, shoot us a message and we'll make something custom just for you!

Macrame Hammock Chair

Our macrame hammock chair is probably our best seller.  The most popular color is an off-white hanging hammock swing that's made from our world famous organic Manila cotton.  It starts with your typically solid color chair, and then we add a macrame fringe that adds a more bohemian or traditional flare to the chair.  Each chair is 100% handmade like the other chairs that we sell, and is made with both sustainable wood from Nicaragua as well as our cotton.  The same as the other hammock swings, it hangs from one particular point so that it's easy to hang.  Much like the other indoor hammock chairs, it can hold up to 350 pounds. 

macrame hammock chair

We want you to put your feet up and relax knowing that this cotton outdoor hammock chair is built to stand the test of time and Mother Nature, no matter if you put it indoors or outdoors. It's featuring very durable materials that can support up to 350 pounds in one chair, and will be a practical purchase that is sure to be a useful and permanent addition to your outdoor/indoor area.   This piece of outdoor furniture is available in many stylish color options that will blend easily into your home's existing color scheme. Even though the intended use for the chair is outdoors, it can be used as an interesting and temporary indoor seating option. The chair has a sturdy singular connector to the ceiling and with proper installation can be mounted inside the house for a unique decorating idea.

What makes our indoor hammock chairs so great?

We have some of the absolutely finest rope chairs available. We want you to sit down and surround yourself with the outdoors while lounging in the soft 100% organic cotton. Or if you really want to relax to the ultimate level - kick back, stretch out and recline in our hammock chairs. They are beautifully crafted, and can be used inside or outside and it is the ultimate single point hammock to hang anywhere. Think of it as your personal oasis in whatever area you want to hang your hammock swing.  One try and you'll find it hard to leave the comfort of your new fantastic hammock chair!

indoor hammock chair

We aim to be the best at solitary relaxation with our soon to be famous Organic Cotton Rope Swing. Our 100% handmade chair hammock has a spacious woven body which allows you to kick out your feet and relax while settling in for some shut eye. The knot less design allows for ultimate lounging comfort, whether you want to be basking in the sun outside or sitting by a fire in your living room.  Our sustainable Nicaraguan wooden cross bar extends over three feet from end to end and iis made to ensure a long life. As always, our indoor hammock chair benefits persons with disabilities because they are hand woven of 100% organic cotton rope. 

We at Mission Hammock want you to experience unique style combined with extreme comfort which you can find in our coolest hanging chairs available - they're so modern looking, yet can blend well in a variety of decors in any room! What are you waiting for?  Pick out the perfect spot in our outside of your home, whether it's in the living room, on the patio by the swimming pool or just about anywhere you want to curl up and relax! The Manila cotton that we use in all of our hammocks and the natural hardwoods are perfect for indoors or outside, just find the place you want to relax the most! 

 Are any of the hammock chairs good for kids?

We have lots of super-cool children's hammock chairs that hang from your ceiling or a tree branch like a comfy blankey, and with a large comfortable surface that can hold your child in either their room or outside.  It's the perfect place for your child to dream, read or swing to their heart's content. The gentle movement provided by the hanging hammock swing supports your child's sense of balance, which also impacts their ability to concentrate on whatever they're doing and utilize that to successfully learn reading, writing or whatever they're studying in a comfortable environment.  We have lots of color schemes that can fit any kid's decor or colors no matter what they have in their room.

Can I leave my hammock chair outdoors?

Our chair may be left outside in your garden all summer, but you're going to want to avoid constant direct sunlight because our chairs are made from cotton which can fade after a while.  As stated previously, our hammock swings are made from 100% organic cotton, which is very durable in the weather and can be hand washed to ensure a long life and it is fairly weatherproof.  Nicaragua, the country that this hammock chair is made in, is a country that is very proud of its historical hammock culture, which goes back several centuries and is widely known as one of the best in the world.  Over four pound of organic cotton is made into suspension cords, which distributes your weight evenly across the entire chair.  The spreader bar is made from high quality local woods that ensure that the trees will be around for a long time.  Our hammock chairs are made to be long-lasting and provide secure rotation and turning no matter where they are placed.  Our hammock swings are the perfect furniture for year-round outdoor use...and when the outdoors gets too cold, you can bring them indoors and use them in the bedroom or living room!

outdoor hammock chairs

What can I do in my hanging hammock chair?

Here at Mission Hammocks, we know how hard you work.  That's why we want you to sit back, relax, put your feet up, rest your head on our 100% organic cotton chair, and sip your favorite drink in the sun (or inside!) as you lounge in this comfortable chair.  All of our indoor hammock chairs allow for a variety of activities, from lounging, reading, drinking, working, and more!  With a 350-pound capacity, there's plenty of room for you, your favorite drink, and a child or two.  It can be installed in just minutes and be removed in seconds to move the chair to another room or indoors. 

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Hammock Chair!

Hammock chairs are a type of sling which is made up of a type of fabric, netting or rope which is suspended from one or two stationary hooks for swinging or resting.  Because they are so popular, many people carry the hammock with them on the vacation so that they can take the advantage of the great weather and being outdoors by resting on the chair.  If you are among those people who love travelling and love to visit the warm, beautiful places this world has to offer then you can carry the hammock chair along with you easily. It is lightweight and easy to carry and place anywhere.

History of the Hammock Chair

The hammock chair was first introduced by Christopher Columbus in Europe.  They were not a new concept, and has been used by ancient people as well. The trend of these styles of chair was introduced by the Native Americans to the North American continent.  People used the fish net to make the hammock chair so that they can rest on it when they go out or during the fishing trips. Previously, a hammock was woven from the bark of a tree and as the time passed, this material was replaced by sisal fibers because this material was more widely available.  One of the major reasons for the popularity of the hammock chair in South America and Central America was the ability to provide the protection from one of the biggest problems -- mosquitos.  These creatures were rampant spreaders of disease and caused painful and irritant stings and bites. By placing the hammock chair above the ground, it protected people from the ants, snakes, and other harmful animals while resting.

making of a hammock chair

Usually,  the ancient people used to travel from one place to another, and had to stay in the jungle or forest to hunt for food. In that situation, they used the hammock chair so they can safely sleep or stay in that particular place for an extended period of time. You could say that with the help of this product, people could survive in much more inhospitable environments.

Types of Hammock Chairs

There are many different type of hammock chairs available in the marketplace today. People use a certain type of hammock at different places so that they can take the advantage of whatever that particular environment provides.

Below are the different types of hammock chairs:

  1. Naval hammocks: Naval hammocks are used on the ship while travelling so that sailors can sleep easily. It doesn’t need any large place to install. In the ship, sailors placed the hammock on the gun decks of warship because of the limited space. The hammock moved with the motion of the ship, but if it is placed in the proper place then you can stay reasonably still.  In earlier times, people who traveled by ship used the same method so that they can sleep properly on long voyages. Moreover, hammocks provide more comfortable sleep than a berth or the bunk while at sea. With the help of the hammock, a person who is asleep gets a much more comfortable sleep.

    Additionally, the sleeper may get injured or badly hurt or even killed as they fell off with their berth or rolled on the decks on the heavy seas. The traditional naval hammock wrap around by the sleeper like cocoon reduced the number of accidents caused by falling out of a bunk or bed.
  1. Brazilian hammock chair: These types of hammocks are closely woven and heavy cotton fabrics which are more durable and strong than the hammock that is woven through the string. The thick cotton fabric helps the person to be warm during the cold days and the breezy summer evening. You could say that the cotton fabric of the hammock helps to stay warm even in the cold days. If you are planning to visit to some cold place, then you can take the Brazilian hammock chair with you so that you can enjoy the weather without any interruption.  Brazilian chairs are very stable and do not use spreader bars unlike other styles. These indoor hammock chairs are strong, comfortable and they are available in different colors.

  2. Mayan hammocks: Mayan hammocks are the rugged hammocks that have the appearance of loose netting. These types of hammocks are made using cotton as well as nylon strings, but the strings are thin so that it can provide the best support to the person who is lying on it.  Mayan hammock chairs can hold enough weight even with the thin string to support most people. The support of the Mayan chair depends on the number of woven string and the quality of the lace. These types of hammocks are available in different colors that you can pick your favorite color to match any indoor or outdoor decor. The Mayan hammocks are comfortable, flexible, breathable, adaptable and soft. 

  3. Travel chairs:  Travel hammocks appeal to the adventurer. If you are among those people who want to go for a hike and hang from a tree in the middle of the woods, then a travel hammock is the perfect companion for your adventure. Travel hammocks are lightweight, portable and self contained. You can easily place these hammocks and can easily relax in a variety of different environments. The travel hammocks are best for the hikers and campers, because of their breath-ability and weight. The travel hammock chairs are made using thin parachute silk or the nylon to keep them light weight and sturdy. The travel chairs have a smoother surface to lay on, as well as storage pockets.

  4. Venezuelan hammock: Jungle hammocks, otherwise known as the Venezuelan hammock, are very similar to the naval canvas hammock. This type of hammock chair is made from polyester non stretch polymers, which include Dacron and nylon. People can relax on the Venezuelan hammock easily. You can use this type of hammock in more humid or watery environments such as close to the ocean.

Materials For a Hammock Chair

Because of the origins all over the world, hammock chairs are made with lots of different types of material that thrive in different environments.  Materials like cotton, polymer, and nylon are some of the most common ones that are used. Depending on your requirements, each material could be the right fit for you. For example, some look for the cotton knitted hammock for a nice indoor chair, while others want the nylon knitted hammock because it's more durable outdoors. If you are going hiking and need something more lightweight or one without a stretcher bar, look for a chair that is made from parachute silk or nylon -- just make sure you have the right hanging equipment because a lot of times those have to be hung from two different points. The good news is that with so many options, color and style are readily available so that you'll find something you love.

colors for a hanging hammock chair

Different materials have the different advantages.  For example, cotton is very soft when it is touched and comfortable. Hammock chairs that are made from the cotton material are more soft and comfortable whereas, a chair that is made from polyester is longer lasting and stronger. You can go through the various advantages of the different material that will help you to pick the best one for you.

Hammock Chairs - The Latest Trend in Design

These days the latest craze among interior and exterior designers is the hanging hammock chair.  Many of you are probably thinking -- now that I'm familiar with the different types and styles, what can I do with it?  Most people know what to do with the traditional hammock, but the hammock chair is a little tougher to find a place for.  The good news is that most times you don't have to pick separate ones for indoors as well as outdoors -- you can use cotton or nylon ones for both situations.

Hammock chairs are not a new product, but are being used in different ways in both modern and traditional design, and are gaining popularity in the boho community as a unique design piece.  Ancient people all over the world used them more out  of function, but now they're becoming fashionable.  Many companies offer indoor hammock chairs in lots of different designs and colors, so you can easily match it to your interior or exterior design project.  At Mission Hammocks, we think that we make one of the best hammock chairs in the world. Our handmade chair collection covers a lot of different styles and colors, including macrame vs. more modern.


Easily Move Your Hammock Chair Around Your Home!

When using a hammock chair in or out of your home, it's easy to move them around depending on the season or out of the need to have more space for guests to sit.  It is light weight (around 5 pounds) and easy to carry, you just have to place hooks around your home where you might want to move the chair to depending on the situation. If your goal is to go out with friends to the park or camping, you can take your hammock chair with you.

Hammock Chairs are Easy to Install

Hammock chairs are easy to install, and there are number of ways through which you can install the chair around your home. Some of the ways are mentioned below:

  1. Trees: Trees are the best and the perfect place to hang your hammock chair.  The nice thing about our hammock chair, is that it only hangs from one point, so you just need a sturdy branch and place to anchor it on that branch. You need to have the strong rope so that you can secure the chair with the tree without any problem.  If you don't want to permanently hang the chair on the tree, you can use some tree straps to make a temporary spot to sit.

    hanging a hammock chair inside
  2. Trailer hitch of a truck: If you're a big traveler, it might not be possible that to find a tree to hang the hammock chair from. You might need the help of a trailer hitch through which you can install the hammock chair.  There are stands available that can easily attached to the trailer hitch of the truck, allowing you to quickly set up a place to sit at a tailgate, park, or anywhere you want to hang out. Because of the easy installation the trailer hitch is convenient -- some can even easily hold two hammock chairs from one hitch.

  3. Stands for the hammock chair: If you are not satisfied with the first two ways, and want to make the chair more of a design piece, then you should look at purchasing a stand.  These stands are designed for the hammock chair so that people can install a chair in a place where they might not have availability of a beam to hang it from. It is portable, lightweight and easy to use for travelling as well for camping.  If you are planning to use the hammock chair at home then there are number of stylish ways that you can use it out on a patio or deck.

  4. Most popular - A hook in a ceiling beam:  Most people want to hang their chair inside or outside the home.  In order to do this in a cost effective and efficient use of space, a lot of people purchase some hardware from a local hardware store to hang it from a ceiling beam.  These hooks can usually hold 500+ pounds, which is plenty to support a person in the chair.  The other nice thing is that you can put multiple hooks all over your home and move the chair from room to room or inside to outside.

These are the few ways through which you can install the hammock chair at your own home. Use your own creativity to find the best place to utilize the chair in any room of your house.

 In Conclusion

If you love doing outdoor activities throughout your day, you should buy the best hammock chair and swing for you and your family. These items are very useful to make you not only enjoy your home, but also enhance how your yard or house look for guests. When you look at what's available on the market, you can find many popular hammock chairs and swings that are available on the internet.  With so many different options, we're sure that you will love what we have available in our hammock shop online at Mission Hammocks. These indoor hammock chairs are popular among many designers today, and also can be used indoors to fit many different styles and budgets.  We know that you'll love Mission Hammocks and want you to not only support our business, but also the 30 workers who make these amazing products everyday.  Check out our store today!