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Indoor Hanging Hammock Chairs

When you buy a soon-to-be-famous indoor hammock chair from Mission Hammocks, you're not just helping 30 workers with disabilities in Nicarauga, you're also getting one of the best quality hanging hammock chairs on the market today.  Over 10% of the people in Nicaragua have some sort of disability, and it can be very difficult for them to find work.  We employ teens and young adults from the ages of 16-20.  These wonderful people are disabled or disadvantaged in some way, and we take them in, teach them valuable life skills, and pay them a fair wage.  It takes 8-10 hours for them to make a hammock chair from scratch, and we use only the finest natural cotton from El Salvador.  When you buy a hanging hammock chair from us, you're not just getting a work of art to hang in your home, you're helping these kids get on the right path.  Check out our selection and learn more below!

Why an indoor hammock chair from Mission Hammocks?

We started Mission Hammocks over 5 years ago with the intention of making the best hammocks and indoor hammock chairs available, and over the years we've created ridiculously comfortable, exceptionally durable and absolutely beautiful single swings and chairs for you! If you're looking for the finest rope, wood or fabric hammock swing, for use indoors or outdoors, Mission Hammocks has the perfect solution for you at the best price! If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot us an email and speak with one of the members of our team to help you choose the ideal hammock swing.

We have lots of hanging hammock chair styles that are made with local Nicaraguan hardwoods.  One of the most popular uses is to turn it into an outdoor chair, and hang it from a tree or a porch.  Another is to use it as an indoor hammock swing, and it makes a great accent to any bedroom or living room.  The best part is that when the chair is not in use, you can simply unhook it from the mount, roll it up, and store it away.  Our indoor hammock chairs are 100% handmade by one of our workers, and come in a variety of colors and styles.  We use Manila organic cotton that is some of the finest and softest available in the world.  Our designs consist of a macrame hammock chair, one that has stripes, and a solid color more modern hammock swing.  Our macrame chair is the most popular, and ships from the US to US customers, so you'll be lounging in no time!  If you can't find anything you like, shoot us a message!