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Our Mission - To Make the Best Handmade Hammock Chair in the World

Nearly 10% of the population of Nicaragua has some sort of disability.  This means over 500,000 individuals that find it nearly impossible to find a decent job. 

Mission Hammocks aims to assist social integration programs in Granada, Nicaragua.  We work with an organization that supports the personal and professional growth of people with disabilities.  Persons who, for a number of different reasons, have difficulty finding and keeping work.

About Our Outdoor and Indoor Hammock Chairs

When you order a handmade hanging hammock chair, it's not just for a good cause, they're some of the nicest hammock chairs being made anywhere in the world.  Our 100% cotton hammock chair swings are handmade from Manila Cotton in Central America.  These hanging hammock chairs are comfortable and durable, and make for great indoor swing chairs . These workers take great pride in creating an amazing and unique product for you to purchase.  Your purchase helps maintain 30 full-time jobs that otherwise wouldn't be available to these hard-working people.

Our hammock chair swings come in a number of different styles and colors.  You can choose:

  • Solid color indoor swing chair
  • Striped indoor hammock chair
  • Macrame indoor hanging hammock chair
  • ...and more!

Even if we don't have the right hanging swing chair for you, let us know and we will make you a custom indoor swing chair to match any type of decor!  You'll love the handmade quality of our products that can be used as either a outdoor or indoor hammock chair.