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Baby Hammocks, Cribs and Swings

Our baby products include hammocks, cribs, bassinets, and swings.  All of our products are made with organic cotton and avocado wood.  They make great gifts!

Mission Hammocks helps support persons with disabilities in Nicaragua. Our hammocks are made in a workshop that employs blind, deaf, and physically disabled people who make some of the best hammocks on the planet. They earn a fair salary and work in a great environment to develop personally and professionally!



The contemporary baby cribs and related items have become old-fashioned. You need something for your baby that is unique and highly appeal to the aesthetics of any person looking at it. We are here to offer the best for your baby from people who put love into making each item. Our hammocks, cradles, and swings are better than the rest and stand out in the market.

A Wide Range of Baby Hammocks and Baby Cribs

There is no way that you’ll miss out on the splendid variety we have to offer to you. From different colors to different styles, we are here to satisfy your taste and to show you the best that the market has to offer. With a huge variety, you get enough space to make any choice according to your taste and desire. From classic to contemporary and from modern to simple, we offer everything that will appeal to you as the best item for your baby.

Use of Organic Material

We are here to make sure that your baby is in the most comfortable place while he is resting in his hammock. There is no compromise on the quality of the material because that means compromising on the well-being of the little one. All the cotton and wood used is of organic material and will prove to be very subtle for the sensitive skin of your baby. There is no chance of getting any rash or catching any infection because we work for the comfort of your baby by providing him with nothing but the best. The organic cotton and avocado wood are of the highest quality and you can’t find any other item in the market that can beat us on this.

Handmade Items

All our items are handmade which means that they are crafted with the finest perfection by the hands of ablest workers. There are no limitations left as those left by machinery. Each hammock is made from hands that truly love what they are making and always come up with a piece that is better than the last one. Sincere dedication and hard work go into each piece and all this is done so that your baby may take a comfortable nap.

baby hanging crib hanging bassinet hanging cradle

Incredibly Safe

You can leave your baby in the hammock or swing and be completely sure that he’ll be resting safely until he wakes up naturally. There is no compromise on the safety of your baby so the hammocks are styled, designed, and then made to provide the highest level of safety. The materials used are not only organic but very reliable which makes sure that your baby sleeps safely and there is not even a minute chance of the hammock ever coming out.

They Make Wonderful Gifts

Even if you do not have a baby, you can use them as amazing gifts for your loved ones who have a baby. Our hammocks, swings, and cradles will prove to be the most amazing and unique gifts and will earn you a good repute in family and friends as a person who knows where to buy the best baby products.

Best For Both Indoor and Uutdoor Use

Our hammocks can be used both indoors and outdoors. Instead of going with a traditional baby bassinet, you can hang the hammock or baby swing in one corner of the room and it will serve as the best sleeping place for your baby. When he cries during the night, just give a little swing and he’ll be all fine and back to sleep in no time.

For outdoor use, these hammocks are best to be hanged in gardens. While enjoying evening tea or having an outdoor family get together, you can just place the baby in the hammock or swing and can continue to enjoy your activity. The baby will also be pleased while enjoying an amazing and swinging outdoor experience.

Our Workforce Implies Physically Impaired People

The people who make all these hammocks are either blind, deaf or have any other physical impairment. Our purpose is to make feel a part of the society just like any other individual and to provide employment opportunities to them. These are the people who love doing what they do and put all their care and affection in the hammocks and swings they make.

All the money you pay in buying our hammocks, swings, and cradles go into the salaries and well-being of all these workers. They are given a reasonable salary that makes them confident about themselves and on their ability to be able to contribute to the society.

Very Reasonable Pricing

Though a lot of hard work and dedication goes into making each and every piece we have to offer, still we offer them at a very reasonable price. Only a certain percentage of profit is taken and that also goes to a great cause. While buying something from us, be sure that you are doing something fruitful for the society and for our well-deserved workers.

We Offer Free Shipping

We do not take any shipping charges so what you see on the price tag is all that you have to pay. There are no extra or hidden charges.

All our products are highly demanded and praised among our buyers. Our sole purpose is to bring you to ultimate satisfaction with our products. The babies and their comfort become the eventual importance whenever making a hammock, chair, or cradle. The finest quality and the material guarantee the comfort and safety of your child. Our workers present each item with love and affection along with their commitment and struggle.