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How to Hang a Hammock Indoors

Ever wish your hammock or hammock chair was hanging inside?  Well you can hang your hammock chair inside in a few easy steps. Then in the spring you can hang it back outside for the warm weather use.

indoor hammock hanging

What You Will Need To Hang Your Hammock Indoors

You will need some hardware, there are kits you can order that has all the hardware in or you can go to your local hardware store. If you go to your local hardware store and you’re not sure what you need speak to the associate at the store tell them what you are planning and they will help you pick up the right items.

Here is what you are going to need;

                *2 anchor bolt hangers

                *2 lag bolts

                *2 clips

                *2 washers

                *2 Clips (load-bearing carabiner) to hook from hangers into the hammock

                *Stud finder (optional if you know how to find studs without one)

                *Socket for the bolts

                *Drill to drill holes for bolts

Those are the hardware items you will use to hang your hammock or hammock chair inside. You can hang it in the basement, den, or even your bedroom.

Hanging Hammock Kits For Use in Doors

There plenty of kits out there that you can buy for use to hang your hammock or hanging chair inside. One we particularly like is by Eagle Nest Outfitters, it is weight rated for 400 pounds.  It comes with all the hardware you need and instruction guide.  It sells for around $12.00; if you check the price of the items at your local hardware store you may be able to save some money especially if you consider shipping.

As cheap as it is you could install hardware in more than one room and you could move your hammock or hanging chair from one place to another in the house. It is entirely up to you where you hang your hammock, as long as you find the studs and hook your hardware in to the studs to make sure that it will hold the weight.

Enjoying Your Hammock Indoors

Once you have your hardware installed, you can then hang your hammock or hanging chair on the hardware with the clips and enjoy using your hammock or hanging chair whenever you please.

Depending on where your hammock is put up you may even find it makes a great extra bed for guests during the winter months.

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