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18 Beautiful Macrame Patterns You Need For Perfect Home Projects


There is some really good news for those with a flare for the crafty side: Macrame is back, and in a really big way.


The art of knotting cords, and rope together that was a huge craze among the crafty world back in the '70s has become big again with DIY-ers. Of course, this new brand of Macrame is a little more sleek, and chic than its old hippie-counterpart.


For you creative DIY-ers out there, here are a few wonderful macrame patterns that you can use to make sure you have the perfect home project:


Hanging Macrame Wall Art

You can create some magnificent hanging wall art using macrame. These hanging pieces of art can add some wonderful color, and texture to any room.


Friendship Bracelet Watch Band


Bring a bit of summer flare into the fall, and winter with you by making your own friendship bracelet watch band.


Macrame Necklace Art


The bright, and wonderful colors of summer can be made part of your every day wardrobe by making an easy-to-do macrame knot necklace.


Macrame Balloon Holder

These are not your average kiddie party balloons. No, far from it. With these macrame balloon holders you can add a delightfully light touch to any patio or porch party.



Comfortable and Stylish Macrame Lawn Chair


You can turn any old lawn chair into a brand new upscale piece of backyard furniture. This is also the ideal way to add a little personal flare to the hum-drum lawn furniture you see everywhere.


Knotted Chevron Headband


A friendship bracelet is passe, but with these Macrame headbands you can create a wonderful accessory that is perfect for any hot day, and can add a little bit of pop or flare to any outfit.


Fun, Macreme Dip-Dyed Necklace


You could go out and spend big-bucks on a dip-dyed necklace, or you can break out your DIY skills and make your own. They go great with many outfits, and make for wonderful gifts.


Macrame Hanging Lamp


Any old standard lamp can be upgraded to any lamp in your home a wonderfully chic and stylish accent piece.


Macrame Keychain


Blending leather cords and wooden beads together with your macrame skills, you are will be able to make this wonderful keychain that is perfect for adding a little flare to your own every day life, or give it as a gift to add a little flare to someone else's.


Macrame Curtain


If you are fighting the internal battle of blinds versus curtains, some wonderful DIY macrame curtains could be just the right thing for you. They are also perfect for covering closest, or other doorways you want to add some breezy color to.


Stylish Macrame Bracelet


While everyone has some wonderful bracelets of all kinds, making your own Macrame bracelets is the perfect way to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You can even add your own charms, or gems to give it even more of your own personal flare.


Macrame Hanging Art

Tired of the same old wall art purchased from the same store everyone else's art is bought from? Break out your inner DIY wiz and add some color and wonder your walls with 3D macrame wall art.


Cute, and Creative Chevron Ring

With just a little yarn and some thread and maybe a rainy afternoon to kill, you can create a wonderfully cute, and creative Chevron ring that makes as a perfect gift, or even the perfect accent to any outfit.


Square Knot String & Nut Bracelet

Looking to add some color, and keep the stylish trend of metallic accents into your wardrobe? Try throwing together one of these rock and string hardware bracelets.


Roped Macrame Necklace and Charm

This necklace is a real statement piece, made even more bold by you making it yourself. While it may look like it is perfect for the summer's music festival scene, it can be added to any fall outfit in order to add some charm, and character.


Fringed Macrame Table Runner

This is not your average table runner. Far from it. With its macramed fringe edges, this DIY table runner can add a festive flare to any dinner gathering.


Plant Hanger

Putting your best twist braid skills to the test, you can make these great DIY plant hangers to add a little bit of color and character to any patio, or sun room.


Feather and Charm Wall Art

This wall art has a real whimsical vibe to it, and can add the simple charm of feathers and wood to any room.



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