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22 Amazing Hanging Chair Decoration Ideas You Need For Your Home

Summer is mostly the time of the year we crave a place to lounge around outside, but with some of these amazing hanging chair decoration ideas you will be able to get some outdoor, and indoor lounging at anytime of the year.


What beats lounging around with a good book, or even a boozy beverage? Maybe nothing, but adding the fact that you helped put your hanging hangout spot together itself might just make it all the more special.

Here are a few fantastic hanging chair decoration ideas that are must tries for your home:


Macrame Hammock Chair

hammock chair 

A macrame hammock chair looks great indoors and out, and is super soft and comfortable!  Use it on your porch, in your bedroom, sunroom, or living room to add some extra seating space.

Swinging Chair for Toddlers and Kids



hanging chair for kids


You can spoil the little ones in your life by making this easy, but fabulous hanging baby swing that is perfect for outside, or even inside a playroom, or rec room.



Pallet Swing




Pallets are the DIY-ers dream material. Because you are able to do nearly anything with them, this pallet swing is as good as nearly any of the projects you might have lined up. The kids will love it, and so will you.



Front Porch Hanging Lounger




Nothing says comfort like a canvas lounger. Well, kick that old fashioned canvas lounger up a notch by making it a hanging porch lounger and you have it made.



Hanging Macrame Basket Chair




There may not be anything as comfortable as a basket chair, perfect for curling up in and reading a book. However, when you spice up a room with a hanging macrame basket chair, you can sure bet that comfort will come easy.



Hammock Chair




Your reading nook will never be the same once you hang up one of these hammock chairs.


Hanging White Chair


hanging chair

Use a white hammock chair in a bright white room with an accent pillow to create a great seating area.

Classic Hammock




Perfect for catching up on the latest podcasts, reading a book, or even just taking a nap, a classic hammock is the perfect solution.



Hanging Garden Chair




With a little help from some power tools, you will be able to create one heck of a comfortable, swinging basket chair. Perfect for hanging near a garden, or under a shady tree.



Wooden Porch Swing



Break out your old friend the pallet board and create the perfect spot for drinking some iced tea, or a Moscow Mule while relaxing on your own front porch.

Pallet Swing Garden Bed



Granted this may not be a chair, persay, it is still a wonderful use of large pallet boards, and will add an amazingly large amount of comfort to your backyard, or your sun room.



Pod Hanging Chair



This egg-like pod chair is the perfect accent to make your deck, or your living room more comfortable, and a little more amazing.



Nautica Swing Chair



Hang it in a tree overlooking your garden, or in the sun room looking out on your backyard kingdom. This hanging swing chair is the perfect accent piece.



Lounging Canvas Chair



Kick back, and let the comfort of the canvas form perfectly to your body as you relax and read a book, or just tuck in for a quick cat nap.


Hanging Comforter Chair



Half hanging bed, half hanging chair, this big, plush, and comfortable chair is the ideal chair for adding a splash of comfort and modern chic to your living room, or porch.



Hanging Hive Chair



These hive chairs are the perfect place to have a little alone time in the middle of a room. Whether it is a nap, or reading a book, these chairs bring privacy and comfort together in a perfect marriage.



Hanging Bed



Definitely not a chair, but this hanging bed is a great way to add a modern flare to a guest room.



Knotted Melati Chair



Wonderfully colorful, this macrame designed chair will add some bright colors, as well as comfort to any room in your house.



Fabric Cushion Swing Chair



These hanging chairs are perfect to stuff with pillows and cushions to make a wonderful home for your young ones to relax in.



Swinging Kitchen Chair




When the legs break on your old kitchen chairs do not throw them away, string them up!



Laced Pallet, Hanging Chair



Pallets laced together to make a hanging chair perfectly curved to your body, these chairs are the perfect outdoor accent piece.



Bean Bag Hanging Chairs




When it comes to comfort, there is no surpassing the hanging bean bag chair. Perfect for a rec room, or a home theatre room.



If you're in the market for a hanging chair, check out our collection of indoor hammock chairs here.

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