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16 Amazing Ways You Can Use An Indoor Hammock In Your Home

A hammock is an extremely versatile item that you may not realize also makes a great item for use inside your home as well as in the backyard. Investing in a hammock could give you some much-needed seating space for the inside of your home or provide a huge number of helpful solutions for your interior decorating. Here are some of the top ways you could be using a hammock inside your home:

Add a spot of color in open areas:

Hanging a bright and colorful hammock in the middle of an open area can be an excellent way that you can fill space with a colorful object. Hanging a hammock inside can help you to add a beautiful art piece in some space that would typically be wasted otherwise.

rainbow indoor hammock

Create an accent piece for your living room:

Hanging a large hammock in the middle of your living room could be an extremely inviting accent piece that guests can lounge on and admire! If you have an open air living room, consider hanging the hammock with long ropes off the upper floor or roof.

big room indoor hammock

Upgrade your indoor pool area:

If you have an indoor pool you should strongly consider getting a lounge hammock to create an inner oasis. Enjoy your hammock at any time of the year with this set up!

poolside hammock

Make use of areas above the stairs:

The space above your stairs could quickly become a small reading nook or fun lounge spot with a view using this type of hammock installation.

stairs indoor hammock

Build a spot to contemplate near a window:

Hanging a hammock nearby to your window could offer you the perfect spot to relax and the dream looking out at your view. This could be the perfect place to sit and watch the weather even if you happen to be stuck inside on a rainy day.

indoor hammock chair by fireplace

Build a perch for your pet:

Used hammocks or even full-sized panics make an excellent indoor perch for pets. Cats love hammocks and dogs will definitely enjoy the idea of having their own suspended bed indoors.

cat hammock

Create a bunk bed:

If you have a children's bed with a broken bottom bunk or a raised style platform bed, you could consider building a bunk bed for guests with the help of the hammock underneath. Using a hammock in a bedroom with a bunk bed can create a funky place for reading or relaxing!

bunk bed indoor hammock

Build a storage spot:

Hammocks can be great for holding overhead storage like pillows or blankets. You could consider hanging up a hammock and getting some more storage space in higher places that would commonly be wasted without the use of the hammock. This could be a great solution for when you have to take your hammock inside for the season.

Build a recovery spot:

Many common complaints with home gyms is that there is nowhere to really relax when you are pushing your body to the limit. A hammock in your workout room could be a great and easy to set up place for recovery during a hard workout.

Build a seat hammock:

By repurposing an old hammock or getting a hammock chair, you could have access to a design of the perfect accent seat for your home. A seat hammock is an excellent way to have accent pillows and accent seating displayed in your bedroom without taking up too much space. Either fold up an old hammock to achieve this look or take your seat hammock from outside and install it with ceiling hooks.

Make use of your loft:

Lofts are regularly wasted spaces but by installing a hammock you could create a cozy spot to nap in the attic or loft of your home. Unlock more square footage and find a tranquil place upstairs with this hammock idea.

Control light levels:

A colorful hammock could actually be used as an accent drape or curtains in your home. If you have a hammock with a unique pattern, consider hanging it near the top of a window for a beautiful drape or curtain accent.

Create an indoor planter:

By placing a few small pots inside you can create an indoor planter that hangs in your window. This can help with plant growth and give you a unique décor piece for your home.

Give kids an indoor swing:

With a reinforced roof hook, you could give kids a relaxing seat or swing for their room!

Build a guest bed:

You can outfit your hammock to be just as functional as any other guest bed. With the help of some cushions and for support straps, you can have an inviting place for guests to relax or even spend the night.

Host many guests!:

With the help of a triple bunk bed design you could host the ultimate slumber party or keep many guests happy in your home.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are looking for some unique uses for hammocks indoors!  Check out our indoor hammocks here.





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