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Find a Macrame Hammock Pattern For Your Chair

Many of you may not know exactly what Macramé is, so for those of you who do not we will not go into great detail on learning how but it is basically a form of crochet and knot tying mixed together with rope instead of yarn.

macrame pattern

If you know how you can make some very beautiful designs for all kinds of things such as a Macramé plant hanger or a Macramé hammock chair.  

Buying a Macramé Hammock

For those who do not know how to do Macramé or have the time to do it themselves, you can purchase a Macramé hammock however it will not be cheap since these are handmade.  It will also depend on the size of the hammock. However if you watch for sales you can find deals like this Island Bay Single Hand Woven Mayan Thick String Hammock - Cotton/Natural which is normally costs $80.00 the sale price is $50.00.  Large Hand Woven Mayan Hammock normally sells for $110.00 on sale for $64.00. Both of these sales are at hayneedle.

There are many other places that make and sell hammocks including Hatteras Hammocks, most of which have an email alert that you can sign up for to get the news of sales, new arrivals, and so on. Also do not forget to check yard sales and thrift stores for hammocks.

Making a Macramé Hammock

If you have the time and choose to make your own, you can get patterns from several places. Some are free such as the one at feltmagnet some you will have to purchase. One thing you will need to consider if you choose to make your own besides your time, is the cost of materials. You may find that making your own is as expensive as buying one.

Most of the materials you can get at your local craft store and hardware store. As an example you will need 2 (2 inch) sturdy metal rings, 2 - 20 Inch long pieces of wood (1 Inch by 3/4 Inch), a hook, and varnish from the hardware store. The knitting needle, hammock string, wooden beads, and so on you can purchase from your local craft store.

List of Free Macramé Hammock Patterns

You can find free patterns for hammocks at the following sites.

  • Feltmagnet
  • Mother earth news
  • Pinterest
  • Free Macramé patterns
  • Handimania
  • Easy free patterns
  • Tiny jump
  • Etsy has a vintage pattern for $3.20 which is fairly reasonable.

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