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6 Things to Look for in a Macrame Hanging Chair

Macramé hanging chairs come in several different styles which can you give you not only relaxation but be a stylish accent to your home decor. 

What each of these styles of hammock chairs has in common though is that they can be hung from a single point. Securing them to a ceiling beam or a stand by one hook makes them extremely easy to install.

two macrame hanging chair

They are made from various materials from cotton, nylon, rayon, and blends. The colors also vary from white to black, some are even multiple colors.

The shapes vary from simple disc, to egg pods, to even look like a chair seat with a back and arms. Some even have foot rests or stools.

The installation and hardware must also be taking into consideration, which can be stands or single point hanging from a beam.

Which Is the Best Shape?

Which shape is best depends on what you wish to use your Macramé hanging chair for. Where you plan on hanging it also will determine what shape you should get. Like color, what shape will best fit the style of the room inside the house if you’re hanging it inside; if you are hanging it outside then color can be a simple personal preference.

The shape will determine how much room it will need to hang. The disc type chair is obviously going to take up more room than say the pod chair or the macramé hanging chair that is styled like a regular chair with a back and arms.

What to Look For In a Macramé Hanging Chair

What you should look for in a macramé hammock hanging chair is:

  • Durability
  • Weight Capacity
  • Size
  • Warranty
  • Material
  • Hardware

You need to buy a hanging chair that is made of durable materials, steel or water resistant wood for hanging stand so that it works both inside and out. Cotton, nylon, rayon each has a different durability. Also consider materials that have been treated to give them UV protection.

Weight capacity is a must; you want to be sure that people who happen to sit in your chair will be supported by the chair without breaking it.

Hardware included is usually best however you can always go to the local hardware store to get the items you need to install the macramé hanging chair.

If you follow our list of things to look for in a hanging chair and do the installation correctly you should have no issues with safety and have hours and years of relaxation.

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