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18 Beautiful Macrame Patterns You Need For Perfect Home Projects

  There is some really good news for those with a flare for the crafty side: Macrame is back, and in a really big way.   The art of knotting cords, and rope together that was a huge craze among the crafty world back in the '70s has become big again with DIY-ers. Of course, this new brand of Macrame is a little more sleek, and chic than its old hippie-counterpart.   For you creative DIY-ers out there, here are a few wonderful macrame patterns that you can use to make sure you have the perfect home project:   Hanging...

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22 Amazing Hanging Chair Decoration Ideas You Need For Your Home

Summer is mostly the time of the year we crave a place to lounge around outside, but with some of these amazing hanging chair decoration ideas you will be able to get some outdoor, and indoor lounging at anytime of the year.   What beats lounging around with a good book, or even a boozy beverage? Maybe nothing, but adding the fact that you helped put your hanging hangout spot together itself might just make it all the more special. Here are a few fantastic hanging chair decoration ideas that are must tries for your home:   Macrame Hammock Chair...

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16 Amazing Ways You Can Use An Indoor Hammock In Your Home

A hammock is an extremely versatile item that you may not realize also makes a great item for use inside your home as well as in the backyard. Investing in a hammock could give you some much-needed seating space for the inside of your home or provide a huge number of helpful solutions for your interior decorating. Here are some of the top ways you could be using a hammock inside your home: Add a spot of color in open areas: Hanging a bright and colorful hammock in the middle of an open area can be an excellent way that...

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What To Look For In a Portable Baby Crib

We often see new parents giving up traveling plans because with a baby it is not that easy to travel. As a parent, their child’s safety is more important than their traveling plans. Often have we seen them looking for safe solutions that can allow them to travel and move about easily with a baby without affecting the little one in any way. For a young baby, having a proper sleeping space is very important. Some place safe and comfortable where you can have him sleep for hours comfortably. Portable cribs are your one-stop solution to all such problems. What...

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Round Baby Cribs Are the Latest Trend In Nursery Design

When you talk about bringing a baby home one thing that you should be prepared for is that your life is going to change forever. It will never be the same anymore. You will have to baby proof everything and anything that is around you This is why it is advised to have the nursery decorated but in ways that will not compromise the baby’s safety  in any case. This is why you need to be very cautious about what decorations you buy and especially what kind of a crib you would be buying to be placed in your room....

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