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Mission Hammocks Blog

The Three Best 2 Person Hammock Swings

We are going to look at 2 person hammock swings and evaluate the top three today. Our hammock chairs generally only hold 2 people (so we'd recommend buying 2 and putting them next to each other like the photo below), but if you have to have one that holds two people, here's what we recommend: Obviously we need to look at weight capacity, material made from, ease of use and care, as well as durability. The Three Best 2 Person Hammock Swings Include Leisure Season Patio Swing Bed with Canopy. This hammock swing hold 2 people with a weight capacity...

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The 4 Best Uses of a Macrame Hammock Chair

There are many great uses for a macramé hammock. Relaxation Seating Sleeping Adding style to your décor Relaxation In a Macramé Hammock There is nothing better or more relaxing than laying or sitting in a macramé hammock chair, enjoying the fresh air, sun or shade. Feeling the breeze float over your skin, the sun heating your body, rocking gently will have you unstressed in minutes.  You can also take your hammock with you anywhere you go; camping or on vacation you will always be comfortable and relaxed in your hammock. Seating With a Macramé Hammock Ever need more seating? Maybe your...

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Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Outdoor Hammock Chair

You’ve had your outdoor hammock chair for a while now and it is starting to look drab and dingy, maybe it has some mildew on it; we are going to share our top tips on cleaning your hammock. First we must advise to follow manufacturer’s instructions on care for your outdoor hammock and the material it is made from. If you have misplaced those instructions then most of these tips will work. Outdoor Hammock Chair Cleaning Tips Never use bleach or harsh chemicals on your outdoor hammock chair to clean it. Macramé Hammock with spreader bar (any rope hammock with...

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Small Baby Cribs - What You Need to Know From Mission Hammocks

Small baby cribs have risen to popularity these days for obvious reasons; they are good for the space. Mini cribs are great because you can place them anywhere without having to worry about where you are placing them and why you are placing them. Mini cribs have risen to popularity. There is more than just one benefit of using and placing a small crib in your house.   A mini crib is usually used as an alternative to bassinets. Bassinets tend to last, say for four months. On the other hand, mini cribs tend to last longer. Moreover, bassinets are smaller...

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How to Repair Your Hammock Lounge Chair

If you care for your hammock lounge chair properly with regular maintenance you will get years of enjoyment out of it without a sudden surprise of ending up on your back side. At least once a year closely inspect your hammock chair and hooks for damage. If you repair any damage as soon as it happens or you find it, you can keep your hammock in good condition for years to come. Hammock Lounge Chair Repair Items Rope repair kit for hammocks – these kits usually have an instruction sheet, 100 foot of rope, and the rope comes in various...

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