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How to Repair Your Hammock Lounge Chair

If you care for your hammock lounge chair properly with regular maintenance you will get years of enjoyment out of it without a sudden surprise of ending up on your back side.

hammock lounge chair

At least once a year closely inspect your hammock chair and hooks for damage. If you repair any damage as soon as it happens or you find it, you can keep your hammock in good condition for years to come.

Hammock Lounge Chair Repair Items

  • Rope repair kit for hammocks – these kits usually have an instruction sheet, 100 foot of rope, and the rope comes in various colors. If you follow the instructions you should be able to repair your rope hammock with no problem.
  • Caribeaner hook – these are strong hooks but over time can become weak. They are also great in order to place in a section that takes tension off an area that is frayed. You can also use them to clip small stuff to your hammock; like the storage bag for your hammock, extra rope for fixes and other items you may need.
  • Athletic tape – If you find some minor frays when inspecting your hammock lounge chair, two to three wraps of athletic tape around the fray will keep it from fraying further, until a repair job can be done.
  • Darning needle and thread – this can be a quick fix to a fray until you can repair it properly. Simply sew the fray together to the rope that it is fraying from until you can replace the rope that is fraying.
  • Scotch guard – Spray your hammock lounge chair with water resistance spray and UV protection will safeguard it from water and sun damage. Follow the directions of the spray, and repeat according the spray you use.
  • Check your local area for Macramé artist who can do the repair for you. If you do not have anyone local, you can also check with the hammock manufacturer to see if they know of someone in the nearby area or if they have a repair department.

Remember always inspect your hammock lounge chair for damages, proper installation, cleaning and maintenance of your hammock will keep it in great condition for years to come. By repairing any damages you find as soon as you find them will also extend the life of your hammock.

If you have had your hammock for several years, it will be worthwhile to replace the weather protection both water resistance and UV protection to keep your hammock in good and safe working order.

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