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Add a Chair Hammock Swing to Your Kid's Room

Most people are familiar with hammocks and hammock chairs, but aren't aware of all of the uses that it can have around the house.  Hammock chairs aren't just great for adults that want to lounge out on the patio, but they're also an incredible piece to put in a kid's room.  Kids love to play on the hammock swing as it is comfortable and fun, as well as relaxing during reading time.  Hammock chairs come in a variety of sizes and styles, so they can easily fit the decor of the kids room - from a macrame hammock chair for a boho look to a more modern chair that comes in their favorite color.  It is very easy to install and doesn't take up much space.  You don't need much:

  • A drill
  • A ceiling hook (easily found at most home improvement stores)
  • A hammock chair
  • Stud finder

Steps To Getting a Chair Hammock Swing

chair hammock swing

  1. Research Hammock Swings: The first step you need to do is to find a swing in that will comfortably fit your child.  There are lots of different sized hammock swings, and also they come in many different colors.  Find one that is either neutral or compliments the color of the room.  We recommend a more neutral color that can be enjoyed as your child grows and the room color changes.
  2. Purchase the Best Hammock Swing: Like we said, there are a lot of companies that make chair hammock swings.  Find one that either aligns with your design taste, budget, or a mission -- for example, we support persons with disabilities in Nicaragua, so you can feel good about purchasing a swing from us.  The best hammock swing is one that fits you the best, so make sure you know what one you like.
  3. Find a Spot in the Room: They are best used in the corner of a room, but you have to make sure that there's enough space for it to swing if that's what your kid wants to do with it.  Otherwise, they'll bump against the wall.
  4. Locate a Beam in the Ceiling: It's imperative that you locate a beam in the ceiling so that the hammock swing can support the weight of not just a child, but an adult if you want to use the chair as well to read them a book or play with them.  Be sure to get the ceiling hook from your local store than can hold several hundred pounds, and then screw it securely into that beam.
  5. Hang up the Hammock Chair: Once you install the hook into the beam in the ceiling, all you need to do is hang the swing!  Since they hang from one point, you only need one hook in the ceiling and you simply just add the hammock chair to the hook and you're ready to go.
  6. Enjoy!:  Now that you've added your chair hammock swing to the room, you can enjoy it year round.

Our hammock swings are a great addition to any child's room!

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