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Brazilian Hammock Chair vs. Nicaraguan Hammock Chair - What's the Difference?

Whenever you visit to the beach, you're probably thinking of laying on a hammock. Hammocks are the best solution when it comes to outdoor relaxation and comfort. There are a number of various hammock chairs available on the market today that will help you accomplish this goal.  One of the countries that's famous for it's hammock chairs is Brazil.  Many people choose the Brazilian hammock chair as they are very comfortable and easy to use.  But what makes it different from a Nicaraguan hammock chair?

Brazilian Hammock Chairs

Brazilian chairs are very popular because they've been making them for years.  The Brazilian hammock is little different than the traditional bar hammock that's traditionally hung between two trees.  They're traditionally barless...which makes them easier to hang up and take down, and reduces the dreaded swinging when someone gets in and out of the hammock that can land you on the ground quickly.

brazilian hammock chair

Materials Used in Brazilian Hammock Chair

The major quality of the Brazilian hammock chair is that it is made from 100% percent pure cotton.  This is the same as a Nicaraguan hammock chair, and differs from the Mexican chair.  Much like the Nicaraguan chair, you can take the advantage of different colors to create a unique and bright colored decorative piece. It is available in a wide variety that includes striped or solid colors.

They're Extra Comfortable

Brazilian hammock chairs are more comfortable than the traditional hammock chair, because they're made from 100% cotton. They give more support and comfort to anyone that's enjoying one. You can even sit upright enough that you can work on the computer.  Not only this, you can sit on the hammock chair and can watch your favorite television show, which makes it a great choice for indoor use. You can even take the hammock chairs outdoors so that you can enjoy the nature by lying on the hammock chair easily.  Because it hangs from a single point, it's very easy to move from room to room or inside and outside based off the weather.

If you want to enjoy extra comfort then you can purchase a Brazilian hammock chair.  Our Nicaraguan hammock chairs are incredibly similar to the Brazilian version, so when buying one from us you get a superior product made with 100% organic cotton that creates and even better experience.

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