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Spreader Bars vs. Stretch Macrame Chairs - What's the Difference?

First, a little history -- macrame chairs are a simple creation to solve a common problem -- people need a place to sit!  Even though the basic product has been around for more than 1,000 years, some different decorative twists and designs have tweaked this ancient creation for a more modern lifestyle.  Macrame hammock chairs started in Central America, first created by the ingenious Mayan Indians.  Today, despite all of the colors and stitch designs that can be created, there are really two main styles -- spreader bars and stretch hammock chairs.  Each has it's benefits and fallbacks, but at the end of the day, they both are a great option to lounge, read a book, meditate, or take a nap either inside or out.

If you are a big fan of the boho lifestyle and value macrame, these types of hammock chairs will be just for you! The seats are incredibly comfortable, and they have a decorative macrame pattern on the bottom that looks great inside and out! Different macrame patterns create a unique look for any space.  But do you want a spreader bar or a stretch macrame hammock chair?

Spreader Bar Macrame Hammock Chair

There are several differing types of Macrame chairs available these full days, each offering that serene feeling of weightlessness as you hang inside the fresh air. Conventional rope designs along with wooden spreader bars are a simple and easy way to hang a hammock chair anywhere.  The main plus to having a spreader bar is hanging it -- you'll only need one point to hang it from so it's easier to move inside and out, and find a location that's suitable for it.  

macrame hammock chair spreader bar

There's also a lot more side to side movement with a spreader bar macrame hammock chair, because you only have one point that it's anchored to so you can spin and pivot all you want.  A macrame seat on the bottom will be more constrained because the sides of the hammock chair are more rigid, because the spreader bars aren't as wide.  Another benefit to a spreader bar hammock chair is that they fit in much smaller spaces, so if space is a premium, this would be the better chair for you.

Stretch Macrame Chairs

Non-spreader bar macrame hammock chairs have two points that need to be hung, much like a traditional hammock.  This is both good and bad, for a few different reasons.  Because of the two anchor parts, the person can extend their legs and stretch the hammock chair out, making it more like a hammock than a chair.  Also, it's anchored to two points which means it's more difficult to go side to side.  Lastly, you have to find two points which makes it not only larger, but more difficult to hang and therefore move.  The macrame chairs could be use under woods branches, near decks or walls or from purpose built stands -- so they're still flexible. Macrame chairs stand packages, metals and tree straps are available from online hammock shops.

No matter which macrame hammock chair you choose, it will look great in your garden, on your patio, or just about anywhere in your home.

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