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Introducing Our Soon-To-Be-Famous Hanging Hammock Chair

hammock chair hanging hammock chair

Mission Hammocks' Handmade Hanging Hammock Chair (Say That 3 Times Fast!)

It is about time you take your backyard, or even in house, comfort levels to a whole new level this summer and become the envy of your neighborhood with a Mission Hammocks hanging hammock chair organic cotton porch swing.

hanging hammock chair close up

This comfortable and compact hammock will fit perfectly on any front, or back porch (or a patio, do not worry) and instantly add a touch, or two, of comfortable class to the area. They can also be used as fun and exciting furniture to spice up any room, or add some fun flare to a kids bedroom or playroom.

Unlike other patio furniture, the hammock chair is entirely easy on the eyes and is packed with all of the benefits of a hammock without any of the draw backs. So, no trees? No problem here! The hammock life can still be yours.

Why Buy a Hammock Chair From Us?

Mission Hammocks is known for making some of the best hammocks available on the market and this porch swing model does not stray from that reputation. Made with fine organic Manila cotton produced in Central America, the every Mission Hammocks hammock is hand weaved and stitched, including the decorative macrame fringe found on the porch swing. The swings are made by members of the Employment Social Project, which is an organization that provides well-paid employment opportunities to persons with disabilities in Nicaragua.

hanging hammock chair stiching

Available in numerous colors, with the base model being a beautiful off-white shade, these hammocks can be used along side any patio furniture you already own, or if you rather move the swing inside, can be used to accent nearly any room's décor. So, why not add a little comfort to your reading nook, or bedroom?

The hanging hammock chair is also very lightweight (coming in at just over 5lbs), so moving it around the house, or patio, to accommodate extra seating, or just a change of surroundings is no chore at all. And despite being lightweight its self, the swing is incredibly sturdy, able to hold up to 350lbs.

Should I Buy a Hammock Chair as a Gift?

This hammock chair is a perfect as a gift because it with its decorative macrame fringe and availability in colors ranging from off-white to black, blue, red and green. Even more exotic colors like red wine and coffee. Or, if you want to spruce up a child's room maybe a playful pink or purple.

It is important to note that the hammocks do not come with the hanging hardware, or stands. However, this is just another opportunity to further customize the hammock experience.

A hammock stand is the best bet no matter where you want to hang your hammock chair. A sturdy and decorative stand can really help pull together a patio set or even add flare to the backyard when placed under a large tree creating the perfect little reading escape. Stands can also help make the swings a good fit for household use, too.

Taking a nap, or reading the news on your tablet have never been as comfortable as they can be when you are curled up in this lovely little hammock.


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