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Three Ways to Hang Your Macrame Swing

You just got your macramé swing and can’t wait to hang it so you can start using. Do not rush the installation of your hanging hammock chair.

macrame swing

Safety is paramount, so go through installation slowly and methodically to make sure it is done properly in order to prevent injuries to you or others who might use the chair.

3 Ways to Hang a Macrame Swing

  1. Hammock chair stand. These stands are specifically made for use with your macramé swing. They are weight rated so make sure you get one that will hold the weight you need. They will sit on the patio or in a room inside the house; for the most part these stands are quite portable and easy to move from inside to outside.
  2. Purchasing a kit to install in a beam of the ceiling inside the house, or purchasing the pieces separately in the local hardware store. When using the beam you need to make sure the beam is strong enough to hold the weight, and install the hardware properly. If purchasing piece separately be sure they are strong enough to hold the weight.
  3. Tree limb installation, this will need to be a large thick limb on a good tree. If you are unsure that the tree limb will be able to hold the weight then you should select a different limb or tree. The problem with trees is that the outside can look very sturdy and yet be weak inside due to termites and other bugs or pests; as well as weather.

Any of these installations will work, but #1 and #2 are safer than #3 for the reason that the stands are made of metal and made specifically for a certain weight load. The ceiling beams inside a house are not bothered by weather and UV from the sun the way the tree limb can be. These beams are also rated for large weights as they help support the weight of the house stories.

Just remember once you make the choice of which method of hanging your macramé swing you are going to use you need to read the installation instructions carefully and slowly. Do each step as directed and make sure that step is done before moving on to the next step.

Once the installation is finished for the hardware you can then hang your macramé swing and enjoy countless hours of relaxation.

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