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4 Tips For a Living Room Hammock Chair

The advantages of a living room hammock chair are virtually endless.  From much deeper relaxation, to an improved back, and much more, there are many factors to jazz up your living room with a hammock chair.  Among the best areas in your house for any hammock may living room.  Hammocks were utilized as beds in Central America for a long time, and it's a socially acceptable way to have a bed-like element in your living room.

Hammocks are almost legendary for comfort and ease and relaxation, so why take that benefit in the living room? Or even, imagine viewing a movie or listening to music within the house de-stressing in your cozy indoor hammock.  Snowfall may accumulate outside, but you won't care while laying in your living room hammock chair.

4 Must-Haves for a Living Room Hammock Chair

Listed below are the four important things you need to look for while searching for a living room hammock:

1. Bigger is Way Better:

Small hammocks are usually good for an instant afternoon nap or perhaps a ukulele strumming session.  But if you are likely to spend a large amount of time in your hammock, be sure it gives a person a lot of room to move around.  Because it's in a common area of your house, it will help to be able to accommodate more than one person. These big dimensions are typically known as "double hammocks" and really should become at the very least 6 ft wide when extended.

2. Hand-Woven:

As you may expect a hammock that's handwoven will not only be more comfortable than a mass-produced bulk manufactured model, but will look much better in your living room.  In Nicaragua, weavers continue to perfect custom patterns that are not only really decorative but incredibly comfortable.  Some companies like Mission Hammocks will allow you to customize your hammock as well!

3. Avoid Solid Fabrics:

A good hammock fabric cannot stretch out and adapt the real way a woven hammock can. While producers might tout their softness, comfort, or even all-weather style the simple truth is they pale in comparison to a hammock weaved by the hands associated with a specialist artisan. Furthermore, if you get a solid fabric hammock it won't breathe as much as a handwoven hammock, which will mean more sweating when hanging in the hammock for a long time.

4. No Spreader Bar:

Spreader bars were developed for the intended purpose of holding the particular hammock open to show off the pattern and colors when not in use.  It will take up a lot more space in your living room if you get a spreader bar.  The nagging problem with spreader bars is they make the hammock a lot more rigid and "tippy.” Actually tried to get inside a hammock and then end up being spilled on to the floor? The spreader bar is to blame, and falling on a hard floor is even worse than falling onto grass. 

Follow these tips, and you'll be able to pick out a great living room hammock chair that is both functional and decorative!

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