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Brazilian Hammock Chair vs. Nicaraguan Hammock Chair - What's the Difference?

Whenever you visit to the beach, you're probably thinking of laying on a hammock. Hammocks are the best solution when it comes to outdoor relaxation and comfort. There are a number of various hammock chairs available on the market today that will help you accomplish this goal.  One of the countries that's famous for it's hammock chairs is Brazil.  Many people choose the Brazilian hammock chair as they are very comfortable and easy to use.  But what makes it different from a Nicaraguan hammock chair? Brazilian Hammock Chairs Brazilian chairs are very popular because they've been making them for years.  The Brazilian...

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Top 4 Benefits to a Folding Hammock Chair

Get a Much Deeper Rest Compared With Other Chairs Have you ever wondered why the hammock chair gained popularity among people all over the world? The answer is simple -- the hammock chair cradles to your entire body and allows you swing to slowly.  Couple this with a cooling breeze under the tree or near the sea, and you can see why it's one of the top selling pieces of furniture. Simply, hammock chairs offer the calm and the relaxing moment that allows for de-stressing and deep relaxation that chairs surrounded by ambient light, television, and other distractions cannot. For the best experience,...

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Health Benefits to an Outdoor Hanging Seat

If you're like most people, when you think about relaxing you think about a beautiful day outside.  Lots of people dream about a calming breeze that flows across their body because while gently swaying back and forth on a warm summer day.  What many people don't realize, however, is that outdoor hanging seats can also offer you lots of health benefits including de-stressing. Health Reasons to Hang an Outdoor Seat One great good thing about having a hammock seat in your yard may be the pain relief it could offer.  Doctors have already been recommending the usage of hammock seats and hanging chairs for all...

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How to Use a White Hammock Chair in Your Home

Hammock and hammock chairs are one of the unofficial symbols of summer time relaxation and fun.   Hammocks have become an incredibly popular design option that also is functional.   Because of America's style, we prefer more plain colors and styles than the hammocks and hammock chairs that are made in Central America.   Our most popular color is a white hammock chair, and that's probably because of the versatility of using it in any room or outside no matter what design colors were used in that room. Why Use a Hammock Chair in Your Home? You will find a...

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Spreader Bars vs. Stretch Macrame Chairs - What's the Difference?

First, a little history -- macrame chairs are a simple creation to solve a common problem -- people need a place to sit!  Even though the basic product has been around for more than 1,000 years, some different decorative twists and designs have tweaked this ancient creation for a more modern lifestyle.  Macrame hammock chairs started in Central America, first created by the ingenious Mayan Indians.  Today, despite all of the colors and stitch designs that can be created, there are really two main styles -- spreader bars and stretch hammock chairs.  Each has it's benefits and fallbacks, but at the end of the...

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