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Mission Hammocks Hanging Hammock Chair - Ninette - Mission Hammocks

Mission Hammocks

Mission Hammocks Hanging Hammock Chair - Ninette

$ 119.99 $ 149.99

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Mission Hammocks aims to support people with disabilities in Nicaragua. Our hammocks and hammock chairs are hand sewn in a workshop that employs deaf, blind, and physically disabled persons who make some of the best hammocks in the world. They earn a fair wage and work in a great environment to help develop them personally and professionally!  When you place an order with us, your hammock chair is made with love just for you, so you have a custom one of a kind piece for your home.

Color(s):    Light Green, Light Brown, White
Dimensions:   39.4" W x 63" L (35.4" W x 47.2" L Sitting Area)

Product Weight:    5.5 lbs
Capacity:  350 lbs


  • Mission Hammocks makes the best hammock chair on the planet
  • Each chair consists of 100% Manila Organic Cotton made in Central America, which is incredibly soft
  • Your chair is made by hand by a member of the Employment Social Project, an organization providing well-paid employment to persons with disabilities in you're giving back to a great cause
  • Every hanging hammock chair uses a single point to hang from, s that means less drilling and mounting to get your hammock chair hung!
  • The hammock chair looks great for indoor or outdoor use, and you can easily move it between the two!
  • Once you place your order, your hammock chair is 100% diligently handwoven by a member of our workshop
  • These hammock chairs don't not come with hanging hardware, tree straps or stand, but it doesn't take much to start enjoying it!
  • You'll save nearly half by buying direct from us than buying the chair from a fancy boutique store
  • Makes an amazing housewarming gift and enhances lots of public spaces and common rooms

    At Mission Hammocks, we know that we make the absolute best hammock chairs on the planet.  We start with organic Manila cotton from Central America, and then we hand weave each stitch on our hammock chairs with a variety of colors.  No matter what your style, we can make the hammock chair in a number of different colors to fit anything from boho style to a more modern look.  Our chairs can be used in any room of your house, at your office, in a common area, or outside!  The hammock chair is light weight to transport and easy to move inside and outside depending on where you need some extra seating or what the weather might be doing  that particular day.  It makes a great gift!

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