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Mission Hammocks Hanging Hammock Chair Organic Cotton - Light Green - Mission Hammocks - 1

Mission Hammocks

Mission Hammocks Hanging Hammock Chair Natural Cotton - Light Green

$ 119.99 $ 149.99

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Mission Hammocks supports persons with disabilities in Nicaragua by making handmade hammocks. Our hammocks are created in a workshop that pays blind, deaf, and physically disabled people to make some of the best hammocks in the world. They earn a fair wage and work in a wonderful environment to develop useful skills!  A hammock chair from Mission Hammocks is handmade just for you by a member of our workshop, so you can be sure you're getting a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or office.

Color(s):    Light Green
Dimensions:   39.4" W x 63" L (35.4" W x 47.2" L Sitting Area)
Product Weight:    5.5 lbs
Capacity:  350 lbs


  • The off-white modern style of this hammock chair is one of our best sellers, and it's one of the finest hammock chairs on the market today
  • Every chair consists of 100% Manila Cotton that's all natural and made in Central America
  • Your chair is made by a member of the Employment Social Project, which is an organization providing well-paid work to persons with disabilities in it's for a great cause!
  • Each of the hanging hammock chair uses a single point to hang from, so you can easily move it around to any room of the house
  • Not sure if you want to use your hammock chair indoors or outdoors?  It's versatile enough for both!
  • We take the time to 100% diligently handweave every order for each person that orders it
  • The chairs don't come with hanging hardware, tree straps or stand
  • The simple and classic design of this hammock chair looks great in any setting.  Don't pay double buying this one of a kind piece from a fancy boutique, buy direct from us and save half.

At Mission Hammocks, we strive make the best hammock chairs on the planet.  We start with the finest organic Manila cotton from Central America, and hand weave every piece onto our hammock chairs.  We can make the hammock chair in a number of different colors which we've listed on the link above, and the standard is an off-white color that you see in the photos above.  These chairs are versatile enough to be used in any room in or out of the house, but are usually used in the bedroom, living room, or outdoors!  Our hammock chair is light weight and can be easily moved in and out depending on where you need  seating.  It makes a great gift!

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